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At Knowledge Origin we believe in creating and building communities. Keeping quality education for children as our prime focus, we support returning to work mothers, supporting nuclear families with quality care services for their children and empowering young women to specilize in the field of early childhood education. 

Early Reading  Association  

"ERA"  Early Readers Association!

This reading club is Co-founded by Mikele Amy Noble by six she had over 140 collection of fiction, nonfiction and picture books which she wanted to share with children her age and make them try something new every time.

We conduct guided reading workshop for children from age group

3 years to 8 years and create an experience for them to fall in love with reading. 


Passion before profession!

This is an initiative to create a community for early educators to come together and share a common interest and innitiate best practices in helping children build a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning.

Register with us, to support families and bring in the one on one interaction with children to make learning fun and engaging.

Given the uncertain conditions and the closedown of school let's make a home a happier place for learning. 


Baby and I program 

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