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Fun & Creativity

Baby and I Program 

A fun packed learning session for parents and babies interspersed with music, stories and messy art. This is the best way of introducing new concepts and learning aid to babies.

At Knowledge Origin we offer group and individualised program for parents/mother to come together and understand the learning needs of the child.

Schooling and care 

A globally structured curriculum with passionate educators supporting the overall development of a child.

 At Knowledge Origin we believe in "Nature and Nurture" play an important role in an individual's life. 


An exclusive one-on-one home tutoring program for your pre-schoolers. This program is designed for working parents who can opt for experienced teachers to come home and assist your child. 

At Knowledge Origin we hire teacher who have lost their job due to the pandemic, so that we could support are teaching community. Our campaign "Passion before Profession" is one such initiative. 

Distance Learning   

Virtual preschool or online classes; supporting learning aid for children no matter where they are and  engaging them in mindful screen time.

At Knowledge Origin we offer different age appropriate fun sessions. 

Core Concepts


Music and Movement is an integral part of the early years education.

A carefully planned musical program works on developing fine & gross motor skill and also increases memory, self expression and cognitive development. 


A popular learning zones for children that helps them to explore, express and create with different textures and colours.

Art allows children to use all their senses, imagination and also enables in overall development of the child. 


Building blocks are an essential learning aid in early years. Children explore with different shapes, sizes and balancing techniques, which helps in various skill like cognitive, problem solving,  math, hand-eye coordination, and focus. It also allows the child to play independently.  


Children use their listening skill to connect sounds and form words later forming sentences. Language is a multi- step process, that starts at birth and continues for several years. This skill is mostly developed 

by reading different books, story telling, puppet shows, rhyme time, show and tell and throug music and movement.

Nature and Science 

Start young is the philosophy!

It is our responsibility to educate young children how to use and care for our natural resources. 

Helping them to understand how all the species on Earth live in a balanced coexisting environment.  

Gardening, recycling,

Nature walks, visiting animal shelter are a few initiatives to develop this skill. 

Kid Painting

I Paint, I learn 

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