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A salient initiative to support the early years teaching community.The pandamic brought in a huge crises in the education sphere, escepially in early years education, with many preschools and early years centers were shut down, which lead to a massive job losses for many educators in India.

At Knowledge Origin we have created a platform for educators to sign up with us and thus gaining job opportunities. 

Homeschooling is one such program which is child led home-based education, individualized curriculum and learning environment for each child. 

Use of pedagogical approaches other than those typical schooling methods enhances and  provides a guided and reasoned way of learning.




One of our popular and most reworded programs which started around the pandemic and close down of schools due to Covid 19. 

We support families by allocating educators to their residence and creating age appropriate program plan to assist children in one-on-one learning experience.

(age group - 10 months to 6 years)

We aslo support by scheduling an educator who will sit with your children during their mainstream online classes and ensuring learning is more efficient. (age group 3 years to 6 years)

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