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Age Groups 

Early Years Foundation Stage

Infant Program

  • Individualised care for your baby that supports the family needs and requirements 

  • Providing them with a safe and trusted care giver and plan for overall nurturing of the baby  

  • Providing them with soft and sensory rich learning environment to roll, crawl and pull up 

  • Documentation and recording developmental milestones of baby for parents to review and keep a check.


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our popular "Baby and I Program"​


  • Safe and curious environment for them to explore ​

  • Individualised plan by creating learning zones for  toddlers to play independently  

  • Small group activities so they understand belongings 

  • 1:3 child adult ratio

  • Documentation and recording developmental milestones 

Preschool Program 

  • An engaging environment to self help and be independent thinkers 

  • Planned and child directed activity, divided into small groups to investigate, explore and discover 

  • Curriculum includes Literacy, Math, Music, Language, Creative expression.

  • Carefully collaborating Reading readiness program aiming at developing Language Skill

  • The program is curated to nurture independent and confident child

Pre-K Program

  • Project based learning for children so that they can understand research and findings 

  • Introducing STEM learning (science, technology, engineering and math)

  • Small group activities for them to follow instruction and understand how to take turns 

  • Structured activities with objectified learning outcomes 

  • Making learning fun through play activities 

Children Praying

Kindergarden 1 & 2 

  • guiding the children with age appropriate skill building activity that will also develop empathy and social skill

  • A carefully structured and planned curriculum that lays a foundation for children to be keen learners in Elementary school

  • Focusing on advanced academic Literacy, Math and Science learning

  • Focusing on small groups to create one-on-one with the educator 

  • Nurturing the child to become an independent thinker, risk-taker and a socially responsible person 

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