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5 Benefits of family-style dining

  1. Children learn table manners - Family style eating encourages children to learn how to set the table, helping pass food around the table and clean up after a meal. So involve them in the kitchen.

  2. Children are introduced to a varity of food - One of the proven studies are when childen eat with family they learn to try new food and learn different tastes. So plonk them beside you and eat.

  3. Family prime time - Family-style meals provides more opportunuties for all the members to connect with each other on a daily basis and have converstions. So discuss with them your daily schedule.

  4. Children learn about food-Helps children to understand food portion by serving for themselves, understanding their hunger clues, selecting healthy choises of food and having a nutrious diet. So you eat healthy.

  5. Help them be independent eaters-Children watch and learn, family style eating caters children to make their own choice, by serving and eating by themselves. So can enjoy your meal.

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